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In the UK, there are strict guidelines around how suicide is depicted on screen. Ofcom states that "methods of suicide and self-harm must not be included in programmes except where they are editorially justified and are also justified by the context", while the BBC's editorial guidelines dictate that: "Care must be taken to avoid describing or showing suicide or self-harming methods in explicit detail, unless there is a clear editorial justification." 13 Reasons Why shows Hannah's suicide in detail, which has led to fears that such scenes may inspire "copycat" actions among young viewers. Furthermore, media guidelines from The Samaritans explain that "over-simplification of the causes or perceived triggers for a suicide can be misleading and is unlikely to reflect accurately the complexity of suicide." Even with its title, 13 Reasons Why is reducing the complexity of suicide to a series of unfortunate, but relatively normal events in a teenager's life. Why hasn't it been regulated? Netflix isn't subject to UK media regulations such as Ofcom, despite being able to broadcast its shows here.This is something theSamaritans have lambasted Netflix for, saying: It is extremely concerning that a drama series, aimed at a young audience, can be produced outside of the UK and made available to UK audiences and yet not subject to UK media regulation. A report from Syracuse.com claims that psychologistDan Reidenberg,executive director of Suicide Awareness Voices of Education , was contacted by Netflix for guidance. When he advised them not to go ahead with the project, he was told it "wasn't an option". Reidenberg said. "That was made very clear to me." If anything, the lack of regulation allowed Yardley freer reign to create the show as he wanted, he told The Hollywood Reporter: We had a unique platform being on Netflix to treat these stories with a level of truth that maybe other young-adult-oriented dramas haven't been able to do for whatever reason whether it's wanting to get a PG rating, or being on a broadcast network. We feel indebted to shows likeMy So-Called LifeandFreaks and Geeks,which set a really high standard for emotional truth for kids. We thought we could look unflinchingly at some of the really difficult things that teenagers actually go through and show them a little bit more unvarnished than other shows have had the opportunity to do. We thought we could be nakedly honest about these things and show them. Netflix UK shows the BBFC categorisation of 13 Reasons Why, which is certificate 18. What else has been said about it? Paris Jackson in February Credit: MARIO ANZUONI Paris Jackson, daughter of the pop star Michael, has warned her large teenage fan base off watching 13 Reasons why with an extensive post on blogging site Tumblr , which has been shared more than 95,000 times. Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine in January, Jackson said that she had attempted suicide "multiple times".

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